It all started with a boy and his recipe. Back in the 1980's in Stockholm, Sweden, when Carl Cederström was 12 years old, he started making his own chocolate sauce. It was the perfect topping for vanilla ice-cream which was always in the freezer (one of the perks of having a dad who worked with the biggest ice-cream producer in Sweden). Calle's sauce quickly became popular among friends and family, and eventually Calle started making his family's "kinuski" recipe (caramel sauce).

Three decades later, inspired by Calle and his recipe, three of us formed Cederströms, a small company in Stockholm, Sweden that makes the world's most irresistible dessert sauces. Our products are all natural, no preservatives. Not only do we work hard making the best sauces, we work hard making sure they'll be available at a store near you soon!

One of us is Malin Landqvist, chef, food enthusiast and cookbook author. You can find her cookbooks at publisher Max Ström and other online book stores!